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Maginon rechargeable battery for drone QC50/QC 50 S Wifi

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Rechargeable replacement battery (lithium polymer) for the MAGINON QC-50S and QC-50S WiFi drone.

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Spare battery for drones QC 50 and QC 50 S Wifi

From time to time batteries reach the autumn of their life and have to be replaced. Therefore we offer a replacement battery for your drone QC-50 or also for the QC 50 S Wifi. Of course you can also buy the battery on stock, so that you have it in your pocket for longer trips. It is a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 600 mAh, a voltage of 3.7 V and an energy of 3.7 Wh.
Simply insert the spare battery into the MAGINON QC-50S or QC-50S (WiFi drone) and enjoy 7 minutes of extra flying fun! Changing the battery is really easy and quick. The simple plug-in connection makes your drone fully operational again after a short stopover.

Technology: Lithium-Polymer
Voltage: 3,7 V
Capacity: 600 mAh
Power: 3,7 WH

1 x rechargeable replacement batterie for the Maginon drone QC 50 S WiFi