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Maginon Spotting scope 20-60x60

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  • Blue coated lenses for sharper, brighter images and clearer contrasts
  • rubber armoring
  • Flexible, reversible eyecups that also allow spectacle wearers to use the entire field of vision.
  • With lens cap to keep your lenses safe.
  • Includes 156 cm tripod, for a firm and stable stand
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Sport shooters use them, but friends of bird watching, hunting and nature observation also regularly use spotting scopes. Imagine the devices as compact telescopes with which you can observe distant objects through high magnification.

Lightweight with anti-reflection coating

The high-quality Maginon 20x60x60 spotting scope offers you 20x to 60x magnification and a lens diameter of 60 millimetres. It weighs only 860 grams and fits easily into a hiking backpack.

To make using the eyepiece even more comfortable for you than it already is, the lenses are coated in blue. The reason: Incident light creates disturbing reflections in lenses without coating, which would be a problem when observing animals, for example, because the game can perceive a reflection.

Flexible eyecup on spotting scope

In addition, where the eye and spotting scope meet, we have placed a flexible eyecup that not only protects your eye, but also allows spectacle wearers to use the entire field of vision.

Included in the delivery is also a tripod with a size of 1.56 meters. This means you don't have to hold the spotting scope permanently in your hand, but can simply turn it off. Apart from this monocular, we also have binoculars on offer - take a look around.

Magnification: 20 times to 60 times
LensØ: 60mm
Exit pupil: 2,8mm - 0,95mm
Viewing angle: 1,6" - 1,8"
Field of view: bei 1000 meters- 28 meters(20x)--14 meters(60x)
Weight: 860 gram
  • Maginon spotting scope 20 x 60 x 60 x 60
  • storage bag
  • Tripod (156cm)
  • cleaning cloth
  • instruction manual