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E-Scooter Street One

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  • E-scooter with road approval, complies with the latest legal requirements
  • Collapsible, lightweight and easy to transport.
  • Speed up to 20 km/h*
  • Electric brake and rear wheel Auxiliary brake
  • LED front light and rear light with steel back
  • 8-inch front wheel and 6.5-inch hard rubber rear wheel
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For some time now, electric scooters have probably been the most modern way of urban transport there is - with a good reason. Because with them you are able to cover exactly those distances that are too long to walk on one hand and too short for a car ride on the other. E-scooters also do not require any physical exertion and you can also save the bus ticket.
That's why Maginon now has the StreetOne e-scooter for you. An electric scooter with road approval and license plate holder, that comes with a maximum speed of 20 kilometers per hour and can hold up to 100 kilograms. You can choose how fast the scooter goes from three different speed levels - 7, 11 and 20 kilometres per hour.

It comes with splash water protection, LED front and rear lights, reflectors on all sides and a bell so you can be noticed even better in traffic. It also has two independently operating brakes, which also contributes to your safety. For road approval, it has a slot for an license plate at the back.
We also made sure that you can fold up the scooter so you can easily take it on the train with you if the road should be a bit longer. Its range is 30 to 40 minutes when the battery is fully charged, which makes up for a distance of about 8 to 12 kilometres.
In short: With this scooter you get a cheap alternative to cars and you can move through the city on short to medium distances.

Battery: 4400 mAh
Charge Time: 3 - 4 hours
Motor: effektive 250 Watt
Range: approx. 8 - 12 km **
Speed: 3-speed-modes (approx.. 7,11,20km/h*)
Load capacity: max 100 KG
Max. angle of climb:: 20 Grad
Tyre diameter: 8-inch front wheel, 6,5-inch rear wheel
Protection class: IPX4 against splash water

ca. 1140 mm x 430 mm x 975 mm (open/ready to drive)

ca. 1140 mm x 430 mm x 410 mm (folded)

Weight: 11,50 KG

* measured on a straight surface with a person weight of 75KG and an outside temperature of 22°C

** measured with a person weight of 75KG, may vary depending on weight, speed, road condition, temperature, etc.

  • E-scooter "Street-One"
  • charger
  • LED front light
  • bell
  • 3 x AAA batteries (pre-installed in font light)
  • 1 x CR 3032 battery (pre-installed in rear light)
  • screwdrivers
  • Hexagon socket wrench 5 mm
  • Hexagon socket wrench 3 mm