Version 173 (x.x.x.173)

Fixed bugs

  • Update problem of the IPC-25HDC fixed
  • Black picture every second camera call with the app
  • New WPA suppliant for HK20137 due to KRACK
  • Check audio transfer to container better
  • Clear the audio output buffer properly so that no artifacts are heard when transmission is interrupted
  • Better error message with encryption
  • Repaired Email test, that shut off due to a wrong context value
  • Prevent zombie process while forking

New function

  • No use of Flash player for SD videos

VERSION 169 (X.X.X.169)

Fixed bugs

  • AAC encoder with fixed-point version exchanged for less system load
  • Support restart markers in MJPEG streams
  • Better noise reduction
  • FLV format also allows other H264 NALs than previously for compatibility with HK20137 chipset
  • Higher permissions required for status CGI

New functions

  • Factory configuration via MegraCloud discovery
  • Standard sound output with AAC instead of Speex, also for Flash video
  • Support Full HD video resolution
  • Own network manager for all chipsets including DHCP server and client
  • AP Mode
  • MPEG2 TS for video stream
  • Enable streaming via Websockets
  • AES encryption over Plaintext HTTP with MegraCloudAuxiliary
  • Audio input as 16-bit instead of 8-bit for better quality
  • Forcing the password change in the web interface
  • No longer use a Flash player for HD videos
  • Web server sends static GZip version of a file if suffix .gz exists
  • Video recordings on SD card now as MPEG TS