NEW: Recording function for MAGINON IP cameras

The recording function extends the functionality of your IP camera, offering a clear and continuous documentation of all incidents in the area surveilled by your Maginon IP surveillance camera.

Using the App "MAGINON IPC Viewer" or supra space Cloud you do not only gain access to the live image of your IP camera but can also look at past events again, clearly retracing them from the short videos.

How does it work? As soon as the sensors of the IP camera detect an incident, the recording function starts a one minute long video recording. These videos are stored in the Cloud for 14 days. You can easily manage the recordings via the Cloud or the App and optionally download and store them on your computer.



The recording function offers two views, for viewing the video recordings in the app or via the Cloud.

View 1: Incidents in a time line

The recordings are symbolically shown along a time line. The point in time can be restricted by determining a period or you can scroll right or left in the time line.

After having selected the relevant incident, the video is shown directly.

View 2: Incidents in list format

The recordings are shown in a list with preview images, date information, time and type of the incident. With this option, too, the point in time can be restricted by determining a period containing the recordings to be viewed.

After having selected the relevant incident from the list, the video is shown directly in a new window.

The recording function allows you to reconstruct past incidents. This allows you to control incidents at home or at your place of work at all times, even if you are not available at the time. In particular in conflict situations or in case of crimes, this data can provide important information about the persons involved and the sequence of events



  • The recording function is an extra feature for App "MAGINON IPC Viewer" and supra space Cloud and can only be acquired and used with these.
  • The additional function is compatible with the following MAGINON camera models:
    IPC-3 AC, IPC-20 C, IPC-40 C, IPC-100 AC, IPC-25 HDC, IPC-26 HDC, IPC-100 HD
  • For using the recording function, a firmware from version must be installed on the IP camera.
  • The function is available in German and English
  • At present, payment for the recording function can only be made using PayPal..

Subscribe to the recording function on our supra space Cloud for only 4.99 € per month!