MAGINON Player : Fantastic sound for moments full of passion

Maginon HS-T08

Listen to your favorite records and digitize them to MP3 format - easy and convenient, without a PC.

Maginon CDR-21

Stereo clock radio with integrated CD player, 24-hrs. LED display and USB charging function

Maginon ACC-02

Portable 2-in-1 audio cassette player with MP3 conversion function

Maginon HS-T365

Playback and easy digitizing of records and cassettes in MP3 format

Maginon SRR-200

Rugged and waterproof DAB+ Radio for interference-free reception on the road

Maginon BR-3

Robust outdoor radio, Bluetooth 2.1, spray water protected, including USB ports and SD card slot

Maginon WR-10

Radio alarm clock with temperature and weather indication in a coloured display